Professional Estimation & Costing Training

Knowing how to draft a professional estimate is a skill that all engineers must develop. Leverage the Power of Live Online Training to Progressively Walk Towards a Bright Future

Next Batch : 25th July 2024

Duration: 15 Days | 09:00 PM-10:00 PM

Training Mode: Live Online (On Zoom)

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About Internship Training

We are happy to announce Professional Estimation & Costing Training Program : This Internship Training is essentially designed to equip Civil Engineers, Contractors, Builders, B tech, Diploma, Mtech Students, Architects, Government Officers, and Entrepreneurs with Project Management & Execution Skills. The Internship training makes you expert in estimation & Costing of any Building from Substructure to Superstructure. In this Training, you have to solve the project live with a trainer. You will also get to know the different methods of project estimation. The course is infused with Real Project Case study, photographs and Videos to understand different aspects of construction better. This Internship Training will not only help the participants to gain the skills, but it will also help in uplifting the pay scale & Career Development.

Training Highlights

  • MS –Excel Training.
  • Introduction, Reading & Execution of Drawings - Structural, Architectural & Working Drawings.
  • Training on measurements for different works in a building such as Excavation, PCC, RCC, Brickwork/Blockwork Plastering, Flooring, Painting, Door / Windows, and many more
  • Quantity Surveying & Estimation of Complete Project in MS-Excel from Excavation to Finishing -
    1.  Earth Work – Excavation & backfilling.
    2.  Civil work  (Sub-structure & Super-structure)
      • Bar Bending Schedule - Footing,  Column,  All Stirrups,  Beam, Slabs, Staircase, Lift.
      •  Concrete - Footing, Column, Beam, Slabs, Staircase, Lift.
      • Finishing  Work - Brick Work, Block work, Plaster, Putti, Primer, Painting & Flooring
  • Thumb Rules for Building Material Calculations - Cement + Sand + Aggregate + Brick + Block + Flooring I Tilling + Plaster + Putti + Primer + Painting
  • Real Project Study
  • Material Statement Report in Ms- Excel.
  • Learn to Prepare Smart Building Material Calculator
  • Estimation  Hacked -15 Minutes Calculation of any Building + Automation in MS-Excel (Put the values and get the answer)

Learning Outcome

An Investment in Knowledge is the Best Investment!

After successful completion of this Internship Training, you will be able to:

Explore a wide array of practical terms used on Site

Make Quick Rough Estimates & Detail Estimates

Get in-depth knowledge of metric and British Units.

Engross the thumb rules of materials on your Brain.

Adept to vast on-field experience in construction with industry specialist

Create a Project Estimate from scratch to advance

Calculating the costs of all kinds of building projects and contributing to the successful completion of the project

Understand Purchasing/Material Procurement & Budgeting

Calculate Bar bending schedule of any project like a professional Pro.

Calculate Material Quantity Like a Pro By All Thumb Rules

Create any Estimation Smart Calculators Easily

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Why Should You Join Professional Estimation & Costing Training?

Open the gateway to achieving your career goals with online training from industry experts

Know Your Mentor!

Mr. Aashlesh Nyati

Founder and CEO

Mr. Aashlesh Nyati is a next-generation entrepreneur and mentor. With continuous assistance and training, he believes in constructing a strong future for the Civil Engineers, architects, and interior designers of tomorrow. He strongly believes in contextual learning that is perceived in new ways. He established the Excellence Foundation to shape the careers of young civil engineers, architects, and interior designers by developing a self-learning attitude in his students.

What Our Engineers Says...

Be the Architects of Your Future!

Trupti Naik

Everyone Should Join Excellence Foundation. If you have a hunger to gain knowledge, this is the best platform. I got 4 years of knowledge in these 30 days. Ashlesh Sir is not only a mentor but also a Friendly person. He gives us knowledge in an academic way as well and he taught us how to implement it in our personal lives. He developed our personalities. This course can build your confidence. Excellence Foundation is a life-changing platform.

Arihant Zalake

This is the first time I have attended a class in this online mode and wondered how effective it would be. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other classes in the same format. Sir is very knowledgeable and provides a wealth of information. Thank you so much sir.

Rushikesh Jadhav

100% Worth it ....It's to helpful in civil engineering life...After class, you will find out how important was that..... After class All site Calculation becomes easy......The knowledge provided by Ashlesh sir was so perfect explanation in Deep...... Sir has amazing teaching skills.

Sandeep Chauhan

I have joined the course on Estimation and Costing here. The way Ashlesh sir teaches is the best.I have learned technical and communication skills which no other person or institute could have taught me. His teachings have given me clarity in life and more than required business and technical skills. He understands the students mentality and teaches accordingly. He guided me and every other student who has attended this course. This course is not just about estimation and costing but also it teaches us Communication skills, soft skills, business mindset, and much more. I suggest every fresher or more experienced engineer to join this course and grow their skills. Every fresher should join this course and then apply for a job. I am a Civil Engineer and also a private contractor and this course has given me business insights and technical skills which have helped me and will help me in the future. Thank you Ashlesh Nyati sir!!!


1Is this training only meant for Civil Engineers and architects ?
No! Our platform is for all enthusiasts not for professionals only. This course is open for Civil Engineers, Architects, Site Engineers, Quantity Surveyors Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Builders, Brokers, People having a construction or real estate-related background, or anyone who wants to start a new business in the construction sector.
2Will I get Notes ?
Yes, Notes and Drawings as per topic at the start of each session.
3What if I have doubts while availing online classes ?
If you don't have any doubts, you've not learned well! In the live Training Session, you are one-to-one with our experts where you solve the doubts of each and every student one by one. Every doubt will be considered no matter what the size of the doubt is, whether it's small or big.
4Will this training be live or pre-recorded ?
Great question. It's a mix of both. In a 15 days live training Program, daily one-hour is live training where you solve the all-building estimation live with the trainer (We Believe in hand-to-hand experience) and you will receive a pre-recorded session for all topic explanation.
5Is Doubt solving done after completion of course ?
Yes, you will be having lifetime support in technical doubts on our sessions and if any problem in your project during Job we assist you.
6I have a full-time job, not sure if I can make it. Will you be sharing recordings ?
Yes! You will receive recordings of both classes and live training sessions.
7Will I get lifetime access to the videos ?
Its Access is only for 30 days while training is going on, then after you are added to our Whatsapp Community group where you clear your doubts and you can also call us if you have any doubts in the future. We are always with you. We provide you with Hand-holding Support after Training.
8Session will be in which language ?
Session will be in Marathi, Hindi & English.
9How many Students are in one Batch ?
Nice Question! It's an Industrial Internship Training Not a Seminar. In one batch we just take 15 students only. Because We Want To Make Experts With a Self-Learning Attitude.
10I have some other queries. Who can help me ?
In case you have any further queries, feel free to reach out to us at +91-8830135459. Alternatively, you may email us at